We’re Hiring!


Why it’s great to work at Crampton’s Market!



We hire day makers.  Crampton’s is the hardest fun summer job you’ll ever work.  As an employee you interact directly with our guests who love good, fresh, local food.  They’re planning meals to feed their family and friends, and you are there to provide them with the best product, the best information and the best experience.  You are there to make their day.

Every work day is different.  We cross train our employees so you can have different jobs throughout the week.  If you like the idea of filing the same papers for your whole shift, there are other work places that you can do that, not at Crampton’s.  We have more indoor and outdoor tasks, physical and less physical tasks, more interactive and less interactive tasks.  If you get bored working at Crampton’s Market, it’s your fault.

What kind of work do we offer you ask?  We are currently hiring for all positions: cashiers, merchandisers, and bakery staff.  Fill in the application form below and we’ll go from there!

Cell phones are NEVER allowed while on shift while working at Crampton’s.

Sound like the kind of work that you’d like to try?  Do you have open availability over the summer months?  Then follow these steps:

  •  fill out the application form below, completely
  •  upload a resume with a cover letter and 2 work references to application form
  • we are now hiring for all positions for a start date of early May 2018






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