Crampton’s Pumpkin Pie!

Order your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.  Our famous pumpkin pie is made with heirloom pumpkin and freely ranged eggs.  We will be making lots of pumpkin pie during our last week open, but if you want to pre-purchase to ensure the number of pies you need, we are taking pre-orders here and in store until September 27th.  All pie orders must be pre paid.   Remember, Saturday, October 7th is our last day open for the 2017 summer season.


-2 pick up days to choose from:
  • pick up Thursday, October 5th  9am-7 pm
  • pick up Friday, October 6th  9am-7 pm
-3 sizes to choose from:
  • 8″
  • 6″
  • 10″


Local Pickle Cukes

Love homemade pickles but don’t have time for cucumbers in your garden?  No problem, we have fresh local Manitoba pickle cukes, dill, and garlic all grown by hardworking small farmers.  Perfect for homemade pickles that you can enjoy all winter.  Pickling cucumbers are sized 3 inches and under. When you order pickling cucumbers, we’ll always have garlic and dill available for you to purchase separately in store.
If there are cukes to purchase online, it means that they are in our coolers at the store.  Purchase online, then run over to Crampton’s Market to pick up your cukes asap.  You will NOT receive an email telling you to pick up your cukes.  Price is per 5lb batch.



*Online purchase of Food Box will not earn points*

*To earn points come visit us In Store *


Fall 2017 Food Boxes!!

Not quite ready to give up our lovely local organic/spray free produce and/or ethically raised natural proteins?? Well, we have a solution! A Fall Food Box that runs for 8 weeks from October 10 until November 28, 2017.
Pick up OR delivery options available.


Summer 2017 Food Box!….Are all SOLD

Purchase a food box subscription and get 15 weeks of spray free and organic Manitoba produce…..but unfortunately we are all SOLD OUT

For every 12 Food Box subscriptions we sell, we will donate 1 Food Box subscription to a family in need!

What is included in a Food Box subscription?

  • Weekly boxes or bags full of fresh, local, pesticide free, delicious, and seasonal veggies often harvested the day of or day before pick up.
  • Produce from over 12 Manitoba farmers.  More farms means your risk is spread.
  • Weekly emails introducing you to the products in your food box, recipes and our blog for in-depth information on all of the goodies in your food box.
  • Stories from the group of farmers who produce the food for you!

How long is the season?

  • Summer Food Box = 15 weeks from June to October
  • Winter Food Box = 8 weeks from October to December (Note: Winter CSA Sign Up will open mid-summer)

What are my options?

  • We offer a variety of shares.
    • Half produce in store pick up-home delivery : $399-$624
    • Gourmet half produce in store pick up-home delivery : $549-$774
    • Full produce in store pick up-home delivery : $549-$774
    • Gourmet Full produce in store pick up-home delivery: $699-$924
    • Protein (meat) food box in store pick up -home delivery: $549-$774
    • Gourmet protein in store pick up-home delivery : $699-$924
    • Double protein in store pick up-home delivery : $1050-$1275

How do I pick up my veggies?

  • You can pick up your food box every
    • Tuesday from 4-8 pm at Crampton’s Market.
    • Wednesday from 9am-8pm at Crampton’s Market
    • All food boxes not picked up by end of day Wednesday will be donated to Siloam Mission.

Purchase your share below and get ready for a summer of seasonal eating!


*New* Donate a Food Box!

Are you feeling very fortunate this year?   Do you have some of your hard earned money allocated to charity but not sure where to put it?  We would like to help, like you!  The gift of food to a family in need means a lot, and why not a gift of Manitoba fresh produce.  This is our offering: you buy a food box for a family/persons in need, and we match it.  When you buy one box, two go out to those in need.


Half share- for singles, couples, or families that eat out of the home frequently.

Full Share- for singles or couples who eat a large amount of produce, families, or friends who want to share a box. 

Gourmet shares-  Your share upgraded!  Same volume as the full and half shares, but more of the gourmet items.  More wild mushrooms, berries, heirloom tomatoes, rainbow carrots, baby squash etc. 




We have partnered with 8 Manitoba farmers to offer a weekly pre-packed CSA Protein Food B0x.  The meat and eggs that go into our CSA Protein Food Box will follow the same strict animal welfare and health standards that all of our meats do.  The animals that provide for them are all freely ranged, never live in cages, and are fed only plant based feeds.  No growth hormones or antibiotics are used in the production of the meats.

Most of the meats will be stored in our freezer and given to share members  frozen, though when fresh meats are available, we will put them in the CSA Food Box in their fresh state.

Over the summer, shares will introduce your family to grass fed elk, grass fed beef, pastured pork, grass fed lamb, grass fed bison, freely ranged chicken, Manitoba ethically harvested lake fish and freely ranged eggs.  Our recipe blog will be packed with simple cooking tips to ensure success with each experience.   The proteins in each CSA will be specifically chosen to add a side dish with the produce CSA.  The amount of meat in each share is appropriate for occasional meat eaters, and those who choose smaller portions.

Combo Meat & Veg

I think you understand what happens here, you get it all except the ice cream!  Full shares, or Full Gourmet shares only.  A comprehensive mix of Manitoba’s best freely ranged, naturally raised, organically and spray free grown food!